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Program Schedule

Foundations of Faith will broadcast live nightly beginning November 3 at 7:00pm Eastern. To learn where to watch—at the live venue, online, or on television—click here.

Program Schedule
All times Eastern.

Friday, November 3 — 7:00pm
The Foundation for Truth

Saturday, November 4 — 7:00pm
The Law of Life and Love

Sunday, November 5 — 7:00pm
A Faith that Works

Monday, November 6 — 7:00pm
A Matter of Life and Death

Tuesday, November 7 — 7:00pm
The Day of Restoration

Wednesday, November 8 — 7:00pm
A Temple in Time

Thursday, November 9 — 7:00pm
True and False Prophets

Friday, November 10 — 7:00pm
Healing, Health, and Holiness

Saturday, November 11 — 7:00pm
When Christ Returns
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