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Pastor Doug Batchelor
Doug Batchelor had everything money could buy, but peace and happiness eluded him. Disgusted with life and convinced it had no real meaning, he was determined to experience life with reckless abandon. As a young adult, he turned to drugs and lived on high adventure from stormy seas to blistering deserts. But years later, a remote cave high in the mountains above Palm Springs became his home. Yes—even though his father owned a yacht and private jet, Doug found himself scavenging for food in garbage bins.

One day he found a dust-covered Bible someone had left in his cave. As he read, he believed in and accepted Christ as his Savior, beginning the process of finding the peace and happiness he had been searching for all those years. You can read more about his remarkable journey in the book, The Richest Caveman.

Today, Doug Batchelor is an energetic speaker with an unusual ability to communicate to people of diverse backgrounds. His spontaneous, lively humor, and down-to-earth, practical approach to life engage and reach hearts in a way that few others do. He has been featured as a Bible prophecy expert in documentaries on National Geographic and a local Fox News affiliate, and he can be seen every week on various television networks across the country. He’s also written several books, including, Shadows of Light: Jesus throughout the Bible and The Truth about Mary Magdalene.

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