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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Foundations of Faith?
Foundations of Faith is a nine-part revival and reformation series presented by Amazing Facts and speaker Doug Batchelor. Throughout these presentations, Pastor Doug will lead you to understand and experience true revival and reformation in your walk with God. As the Protestant Reformers once did, he will boldly proclaim the truth from the Bible and direct your eyes to Jesus—the source of salvation. Foundations of Faith will bring renewal to your church and provide foundational truths for your friends and neighbors. In these stormy times, discover a shelter that will protect you and your family in the challenging days ahead.

Who is Doug Batchelor?
Foundations of Faith is presented by Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts. He hosts the weekly television program Amazing Facts Presents and the Bible Answers Live radio program, which broadcasts every Sunday at 7:00pm Pacific Time. Learn more about Pastor Doug here.

Where can I watch the series?
If you live in the Silver Spring area, we hope you will join us in person at the event location below. Foundations of Faith begins Friday, November 3 at 7:00pm Eastern, and will broadcast nightly through November 11.

General Conference Auditorium
12501 Old Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, Maryland 20904

Where can I watch the web stream of the live broadcast?
Foundations of Faith will be broadcast live at 7:00pm Eastern here at this website. Click here to watch the live broadcast. You can also watch on AFTV, Roku, Facebook, and YouTube. Check for broadcasting information here.

How can I contact you for more information about this series?
Simply fill out the form here.

Will a children's program be available?
Yes! A children's program will be available at the church each evening for children aged 4 through 10.

Is this series for me?
Each Foundations of Faith presentation is designed to help people of all backgrounds experience better, more fulfilling lives and to be prepared for the future. Anyone can benefit from this engaging series! Learn more here.
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